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[Clan][INT][PC] We are The Blood Court Of Lua. Judgment will fall.


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FINAL.pngHello fellow Tennos. I am Theweirdomaxim, but you can call me Maxim. I am the General and the Discord Admin of the clan, "The Blood Court of Lua"! The stars guide us, the darkness shields. The court answers to the Regina Noctus. Prepare to face judgement. With me, I have the Warlord Uzenvard, who you may know as that guy who wrote interesting stories like this, this, and this! Also as Warlord, Helix_Prime, who is charge of decorating our Dojo. Our other general is TrillingCotinga (formerly The-Black-Rose), who is very down to earth... space... whatever... and also the evilest of us all! Our goal is simple, to help newcomers get into this game, while veterans have a community to have fun with, whether for casual talk or for intense grinding sessions. We want to make sure that we respect everyone as equally as we humanly can. We welcome everyone to join our brand new clan, and hope you have a blast with us. But remember, even if you don't join us... Judgement will fall upon you.


If you are interested, please join our Discord: https://discord.gg/GNcvXKA

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