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Old Dojo decorations capacity


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With all recent great Dojo changes it seems that there is still a major overlook.

Thanks to current event you can see how many complex wonders people are building in their Dojos. All thanks to big room capacity and 1 capacity cost of all new decos except particle effects.

However most of old dojo decorations are still left with more that 1 capacity. I see no reason that small teeno ramu pillar latern or teeno storage crate should still cost 3 capacity. For example, I made a quite complex structure (like a small town) in my personal hall but can't create a bar with fitting tables and seats as teeno decos takes too much capacity, which forces me to mix styles using similar objects form other fractions.

Thus, please reduce all non effect decorations capacity to 1. A small crate shouldn't cost more than big asteroid rock.

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