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[PC][Open][Casual] BlackHarez


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About Us
We are a New Clan originally starting with myself and a friend. We have now decided to open the clan up for others to join if they wish.

We are currently a shadow clan, We currently do not have everything researched but are making progress to having everything unlocked at a decent rate.

We are also slowly building up the dojo, There is plenty to contribute to if you wish to help the dojo grow.

We have no Requirements to join the clan, The clan is open to all who wish just to have a Casual Group to be apart of.



- Be friendly.

- Try to help other members.

- We have no AFK limit, so you do not need to worry about getting kicked. Though we will kick if there's ever a point of us needing more space for new members (though we will try to avoid this)



How to Join

- If you wish to join feel free to message me here on the forums or inGame,

- Of course if you have Questions feel free to also contact me.


Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!
- HawkStride Archon of BlackHarez

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