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Octavia Mandachord melody bug


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10 hours ago, [DE]George said:

Thanks for the report.  Can you let us know which instruments packs you noticed this with?

I just saw this with the Gamma melody today on U23.10.3.  Video:

It's subtle with Gamma, which isn't long to begin with, but it's noticeable.

My logs are under support ticket 1451694.

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I notice this daily playing Octavia while using Gamma.

Might be in the minority, but I like it. It changes the melody in subtle, random ways and helps me not hate the loop after 40 minutes. Sometimes it's subtle like in Buff00n's video, other times it changes them to barely audible blips. It's like an impromtu remix 😎

I notice it tends to happen if I spam abilities and use Metronome last. If I'm getting bored of my song in a long mission I can reproduce it pretty consistently doing that, but then it also happens if Metronome is my only running ability, so who knows. I'm curious if others hear the change too, however.

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