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Combining Daggers to Make Dual Wielding Melee Weapons


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I thought it would be aweosme if we could combine the daggers which are currently very weak and usable in order to create unique dual wielding swords. Dual Dark Daggers, or Dual Dark Dagger and Ceramic Dagger. It would look AWESOME and a lot of fun.

Although it would look silly to have a bluprint for it since you have to just equip in one hand and the other. Unless you want to give them a power boost as well, like combining two daggers requires a control module for the warframe to balance the blah blah blah blah . . .

How does that sound steve?

and gentlemen what daggers have you picked up along the way and what would be the adequate combination?

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I agree.

A combining system would really help the melee in this game.

As Nexus pointed out, taking single handed weapons and combining them like Dark Dagger + Cronus.

For Dagger combo's, first attack = wide arc like ussually, 2nd attack a stab with dagger, 3rd attack an arc down with the sword and a "dash" thrust with the dagger.

For damage, take away a base of 5 for combining.

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lol, what happened to me expecting too much cloud?

I am seeing the costs my dear, in order to make this happen the dont need to make new animations, new models, new sketches, new weapons . . . nothing! all they have to do is to drops a few lines of code and voila you have a combination system. They already have the bluprint system, they can make it so with bluprints you combine two given swords - swords specified by the bluprint.

Here we already have the models, there are daggers and swords already made for the game. and with Dual Skana, we already have the template for their animation and use. Their skill tree is also already made. The only thing that needs to be done is a system that can use the models. and there you have it, dual weilding swords with only 1 night of coding.

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