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Silva & Aegis


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Avenging Truth is the Arbiter weapon augment mod for Silva & Aegis [Prime], but the affect is terrible: "store 50% of your blocked damage to buff your next charge attack." My issue I have is that charge attacks are awful in this game; however, slam attacks are much more common. My suggested change is, "store 90% of your blocked damage to buff your next charge attack or slam attack."


I do like the Truth effect so I do use the mod but this change would allow me to actually use the stored damage - right now the stored damage just sits there the entire mission. Also, with the Final Harbinger stance equipped, charge attacks are annoying to pull off, holding 'E' doesn't activate it, you have to attack first and then hold E - it's a small change but when you're used to thinking "just hold E to charge attack," it makes the action feel a bit clunky and wrong.

Also, the increased amount absorbed is also fair, in my opinion, since blocking with Silva & Aegis gives you 90% reduction, the highest blocking value of all weapons.


There are only three sword and shields but until recently, Sigma & Octantis was locked behind the 700 day tribute, so there's really only been two shield weapons for most of the public. I think this syndicate augment really deserves a buff especially due to the limited Sword and Shield options available. While I'm at it, why no Sword and Shield Zaws?

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