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Clan Dojo - Room "Swapping" Proposition


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So after recent changes for dojos, people got a lot of content which is epic! But... sometimes it is a problem to find a place or build new rooms into constructions you had in your clan for ages and they were unchanged.


For me personally I have all of the halls in one line, than gardern than observatory. I wanted to swap Garden for the newest room - the blank hall. The problem is in order to do that I would need to destroy garden AND observatory. Well this wouldn't be a big of a deal - destroying two rooms and rebuilding them? Easy. But what about decorations I already have in observatory?

I made a huge room on Observatory's roof which took me a lot of time. Now If I want to change a garden I need to destroy all of the time I spent on The room - destroy it - destroy garden - rebuild it and the observatory and start the whole thing again.

This may not be the problem for everyone but sometimes you just dont have anyone to help you with it or simply you dont have time.


My proposition is to Add "Swap" option. This allows the room to rebuild. This process would take 26H: Standard Room Building time 24H + Room destroying time. Ofc swap option would be available if there is enough place. Also if it is a problem to swap whole rooms... maybe swaping gardens would be enough? Swaping between gardens would be good enough also gardens are at the same sizes - I mean Big gardens and Small gardens are the same with each other in the Big and Small groups.


In my opinion it would not only help to place new rooms like the newest Hall but also would be much much easier to rebuild dojos and add some tweaks to the old constructions which was a problem when big rooms like Obstacle Course Architect came.


I would highly appreciate if this topic was further disscoused

Thank you

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