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wts Vectis, Miter, Opticor, Tiberon, and Serro riven

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Title! Looking to offload some of my lesser used rivens. Stats are below, positives in green, negatives in red, prices listed after. Prices are not set in stones, offers are always welcome. Feel free to pm me on here, or in game (although it'll most likely be easier for me to see it on here).

 - Vectis: +137.5% crit. chance, +112 impact, +83.8 heat, -79.9 status duration /// 400p

 - Miter: +250.7 dmg, +124.3 multi, +148.4 status duration, -54.6 ammo max /// 1000p

 - Opticor: +177.8 dmg, +129.1 crit. dmg, +2.8 punch through, -41.8 dmg to infested /// 300p

 - Tiberon: +103 toxin, +142.2 puncture, +176.5 dmg /// 600p

 - Serro: +8.6 combo dur., +88.9 crit. hit chance on slide, +169 melee dmg /// 500p

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