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List of Eidolon Bugs Since The New Update.


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List of bugs related to PoE/Eidolons :

1. Arch wing launchers are still available to craft from the foundry even if you already have some.

2. Lures randomly FLOAT INTO THE AIR when the person in charge of them is in arch wing, sometimes even if they're not in arch wing.

3. Trees/bushes/sometimes water now blocks the spawning of Unairu wisp on the eidolon, testing wasn't consistent on showing what exactly caused it to not spawn, but there was definitely a problem.

4. Some video settings turn the gantulyst lasers invisible, I could only see the sparks on the ground but not the lasers themselves, this problem persisted with the vomvalysts after shooting them and also trinity's link ability not showing the lines from her to the enemies.

5. This is not known if its a bug or intended, but the spawns of the vomvalysts is very inconsistent compared to pre-update, they don't spawn in proximity to players anymore and you find them randomly 200-300 meters away.

6. Eidolon hitboxes while coming out of the water has apparently changed? Previously the unairu user could spam E to drop unairu wisps on the shore but now it doesnt work anymore. Not sure if bug or intended

7. Lures DO NOT follow you as fast as they used to. They can now just choose not to move at all, for up to 20 seconds while you're running around trying to charge them.

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Good I don't need to make a thread on this for I too need to rant.

Who the **** among DE thought it was a good idea to bring Bounties back in Plains caves!? The missions themselves have a chance of braking DE.

Also I hate the new Supply Caches and how to locate them especially in THE CAVES because when you get to the marker to begin with, The timer starts and you can't begin looking due to going farther into the underground Grineer site (Or Caves) causing the bounty to fail unless you're really fast and know the layout.

In short I want this Underground bounty system removed. NOT FIXED,REMOVED.

While I m on the subject, STOP moving the Caches around! they were fine where they used to sit before this Chimera update.

I have much more to rant about but I'm too calm to do so now.(listing to good music atm)

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