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Excalibur Umbra in Arbitration is legit broken.


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I was testing out arbitration for the first time. I started off using normal weapons then decided I had enough energy for my 4th ability. I used it for a bit and hit 0 and tried to swap weapons, it kept on my sword and I ended up having to jump off the map to try and fix it. After that error, I started to press E and use the sword and it just shot out exalted blades. I wasn't even using the ability, and my energy didn't drop overtime. The only time it dropped was when I held left click or clicked a different ability. I tried to activate exalted blade to fix it and all it did was make it the actual effect of exalted blade. I disabled my 4th ability and it just kept its weird 0 energy exalted blade.

I have some pictures to try to show it down below.










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