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Nezha Blazing Chakram


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Nezha second ability, blazing chakram doesn't work properly against corpus. The ring just hit only one opponent.

Explain against Corpus: 

Explain against Greener: 


In the second video can see the Ring easily hit multiple enemy...

(Sry i can't make longer than 30 sec)

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Yeah, I'm seeing the same thing. More specifically it seems like an un-charged chakram can't punch through robotic enemies. This is most noticeable fighting Corpus since they have a ton of robotics but the same goes for mechanical enemies from other factions, like grineer rollers and mutalist moas.

This seems really strange since AFAIK there are no other weapons or abilities that differentiate between enemy types for punch-through. It doesn't seem to be dependent on health type either, since the chakram will punch through infested ancients (who have the fossilized health type) but will bounce right of mutalist moas/ospreys (who also have the fossilized health type).

The fact that quite a few people have reported this without response combined with how oddly specific the punch-through seems is almost enough to make me think that it's an intended-but-undocumented property of the ability.


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