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New weapon idea Rifle/Halberd, maybe new class of weapon


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I think there should be a new weapon added cause of male 3.0, and I  have a great idea for one.
The Halberd/ rifle.
its a polearm with a very long spear/spike  and a battle-axe combined with a rifle and I think it would fit in very nicely with Warframe.
who Elise agrees?

  • the battle axe part would add a little bit of slash.
  • the spear/spike head would add puncture.
  • it would be heavy but lighter then a normal battle axe.
  • (maybe) add 2or 3  new stances for it, one with powerful swings for the axe head to make it a bit more fantasy, one for thrust for the spear and one that combined both axe attacks with spear attacks + something fancy cause we are space ninjas.
  • it would have low to mid impact.
  • it would be a high status weapon. 
  • It would have a alt mode to turns it into a rifle.

(feel free to help me make this idea come to life.
don't be hatful please just give ideas.)
                      [BASE STATS]
         ATTACK SPEED              0.780
        CRITCAL CHANCE           15.0%
       DAMAGE BLOCK              75.0%

        LEAP ATTACK                  100.0

        SPIN ATTACK                   210.0

        STATUS                               35%

        WALL ATTACK                 160.0

        SLASH                                40.0

        IMPACT                              20.0

       PUNCTURE                      100.0
       ACCURACY                         21.0

      FIRE RATE                           2.56

      CRITCAL CHANCE           35.0%


      STATUS                               15%

      NOISE                      ALARMING

      MAGAZINE                               8

      TRIGGER                           SEMI

      PUNCH THROUGH               2.0

      SLASH                                 30.0

      IMPACT                               21.0

      PUNCTURE                      150.0
I would base the design on the corpus, I think it would look cool as an plasma axe/spear 

  it would be as big and long as the GUANDAO

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asking help
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3 minutes ago, (XB1)WrathfulComa said:

better ?

A bit better, but that still isn't enough detail, tbh. When pitching an idea or concept for a weapon you also need to think of what weapon stats it would have. Saying that the axe head would deal slash damage doesn't tell us how much. Furthermore, I don't think DE would be able to make specific parts of the weapon deal specificly different damage(the axe head dealing slash damage and the spear head dealing puncture).

Adding a new stance doesn't really fix that. If the effect of dealing different damage types is tied to the stance then any polearm could take advantage of it, and it wouldn't be unique to the Halberd. Also, stances can't change that damage type of a weapon, they can only proc status effects on certain hits during certain combos.

I may sound a bit critical of your idea, but I am only saying all this because it's important for anyone who comes up with an idea to fully think of how it would function within the game. Just because something would look cool isn't enough. Far too many ideas fall flat because the details aren't fully thought out.

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2 hours ago, (XB1)WrathfulComa said:

so what would you add, let complete this idea if your so worried about it not being enough.
btw you should a self entitled nerd.
do you not like new IDEAS ? 
its not a concepts, it s a idea witch dose not require to be complete just let.
you can always add on to it.
and who am I to say what the stat for this weapon should be when that's the job for DE not me.





Easy there mate he has a point but you could have something with the halberd (im studying games design and trust me lots of ideas that get suggested get shut down cuz not enough thought out but the trick is to take it on board politely and think it out more) i think at least two new stances would be required one with slicing combos with an increase to slash damage but less puncture (for the axe section) and one for stabbing combos increasing puncture but less slash (for the spear section) in terms of the fine details (looks, attack speeds, size, status etc) and exact numbers id leave that up to de since i don't think any of us are pro designers yet and de knows their plans etc while we dont

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Well from the initial idea it looks like you've just combined the stats of an axe and a spear together for example the weight can't be lighter coz of the spear part it doesn't quite work like that however id imagine the halberd to be a bit lighter than a battle axe since there's only one axe head


Not sure what determines the status chance of a weapon ive some pretty blunt weapons with pretty high status chances 


Id say slower speed for the axe section due to a larger arc the payoff being it covers more area

The stabbing attacks would be faster but cover less area since its a linear attack 


Probably best to do research on why halberds exist irl before trying to narrow down too much though

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11 hours ago, (XB1)WrathfulComa said:

       SLASH                                 60.0

       IMPACT                                 11.0

      PUNCTURE                          60.0

These stats reflect your idea of slash from the axe and puncture of the spear but warframe doesn't work this way.

ALL attacks would have 60 slash, 11 impact and 60 puncture. No matter if axe or spear hits the enemy

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Just now, GnarlsDarkley said:

These stats reflect your idea of slash from the axe and puncture of the spear but warframe doesn't work this way.

ALL attacks would have 60 slash, 11 impact and 60 puncture. No matter if axe or spear hits the enemy

Broken war has a stance built in so ignoring the general concept of "weaponness" and focusing on exact damage values one broken halberd could have 60 slash 11 impact and 20 puncture and uses slash attacks due to its default stance

Likewise with the counterpart having 60 puncture 11 impact and 20 slash

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However there's no point in adding exact numbers due to the fact we're designing a type of weapon presently not one single halberd


We're best creating a template for now then refining later after all a prototype is just a semi functioning model of the final piece sending a template with a model and reasoning would be best

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