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Plains of Eidolon Night Time Bugs


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I regularly hunt Eidolons on POE every time it hits night time. However after the latest update I have found it far less enjoyable due to a few changes I've noticed. I like to make my runs as efficient as possible and often capture 5 Hydrolysts per night. The update has made it almost impossible for me to do this due to 3 key reasons:
1. Vomvalyst spawning seems to be much more erratic. I've seen them spawning outside of the boundry shields in some cases. This makes quickly charging lures very frustrating.
2. Unairu Wisps don't seem to be spawning correctly. Especially when Eidolons first spawn, it is impossible to spawn any.
3. There appears to be an unusual bug with Lures. When they teleport to a player after that player has moved a considerable distance, they often float up into the air. I've seen them float up as high as 100m.
Eidolon hunting is one of the few things left in the game that I find a challenge at my MR. It would be a shame if this became the norm. P.S. I could not find a category for this.

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