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Nezha endgame build




I'm reaching out to any Nezha users that know what they are doing, and have tried some different builds.
I need help with solo survival builds, and want to know how long Nehza can go for....

Also open to hear and or talk about some more support orianted builds and tank builds (The new Adaptation mod seems legit for a tnak build..)

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For sure incorporate Umbral Mods if you can. For higher level content, Vitality > Fiber because the halo gives you so much damage resist anyway, but you NEED to actually have some HP to make the DR useful. Nezha's great for newbies tho because you want to mods all of his stats positive if you can, so less need for corrupted mods.

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Try to build towards the following :

Duration : moderate, 128% don't need much duration but there should be some. 

Efficiency: good enough at 130% will get you through as long as you cast your Chakram at a group Ocassionally 

Range : moderate to high, 145% will be enough to cover a majority of the rooms baring some of the largest ones. 

Strength: high, 210% is suggested 

The mods would look like 

Primed continuity 



umbra intensify and umbra vitality with transient fortitude (vitality can be R8 with no significant loss to build) . 

You are still left with 2 regular mods, one of which should be an augment, pick one according to your playstyle, I personally prefer reaping Chakram. The other can be any of the augur mods (I use reach) or a survival mod entirely up to you. Though you don't really need too many survival mods. 

1 exilus, where cunning, power, coaction drift are all viable. 

and the aura (corrosive projection is always nice) is also up to you.



I don't really go for endurance runs much, I tend to get bored, but this build has let me go about an hour in some survival missions. Also finished some of the new elite alerts till 30 minutes, (would be longer, probably, but had the unfortunate experience of meeting the dread squad of nullifier, bombard, gunner & ancient at a corner) and have completed 21 days of Nezha exclusive sorties and this build hasn't let me down yet. 


The trick is to not stand still and always have firewalker on. An enemy on Fire cant shoot you. 

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