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Revenant Quest first stage failing to start


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While attempting to enter the Plains of Eidolon at night with the Mask of the Lost One equipped, no further objectives show up.


Steps taken leading up to bug:

1. Reached Observer Rank in the Quills

2. Spoke with Nakak, asked "Mask?"

3. Obtained the Mask of the Lost One

4. Returned to orbiter, equipped mask on Operator

5. Returned to Plains of Eidolon

After this, with no further steps taken in between, it is my understanding that Nakak should start speaking and that a "white circle" quest indicator should show up near the lake. Neither of these events occur. Going to the spot near the lake where the indicator should show does nothing. Am I missing a step? (Is there a quest I have to manually start before I go? Do I have to accept some sort of bounty somewhere?)

If it affects anything, I had previously obtained blueprints for all three of Revenant's other parts - though I had not crafted or collected any of them at this point. To attempt to fix the bug (since I hear quest progression is tied to crafting the parts, for some reason) I crafted all three parts, then collected one from the Foundry to see if this would cause the quest to progress. It did not.


Attempts to fix the bug:

Unequipped the mask, went to plains, returned to the orbiter, requipped mask, and returned to plains

Visited plains at various times of different nights

Returned to Cetus and reentered the plains again (repeatedly)

Used different Warframes

(None of these attempted solutions do anything)


Has anyone else experienced this bug before? If so, what have they done? Most of what I've read talks about bugs with the quest after this stage (such as the second stage not showing up) but I haven't found anything relating to the quest breaking before it even begins.

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Same issue here except I had a long break between equipping the mask (when the quest first came out) and going out onto the plains at night (tonight 10-14-2018).

I usually miss the plains night cycle so it has taken me a while to get the timing right for this quest.  Finally tonight I got lucky and now the quest is bugged for me. Bummer.

I enjoyed the Chimera Prologue quest though. Very convenient 🙂

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Currently having the same issue with the quest, i have all 3 revenant parts in my Inventory, but the quest don`t trigger, its really annoying. Have farmed a lot for the Neuros but now i cant even build him because of the quest bug. Hope DE will fix this soon.

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Just occurred to me, tried the same things as Araticus, in addition to closing the game out and trying to equip the mask while in cetus. added some reputation to quills, checks codex.


Game still claims I do not meet the requirements to start the quest

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