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Discord Rich Presence Mission Timer


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I would like to see the addition of the mission timer to Discord Rich Presence. I know Payday 2 and other games use it and it is awesome to see how long your mission is for other players in Discord.

Here is an example:


It would be interesting to see Time Elapsed while playing the game through Discord.

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12 minutes ago, Alcatraz said:

You should go talk to discord instead of Warframe. It's kind of screwy how it works, but it works.


As you can see, it works for launcher, but not the game after you start playing.


Discord team has nothing to do with how it works because Discord Rich Presence is already implemented(as you can see - with very basic functions) by DE into Warframe and things like time elapsed have to be implemented by game developers and not discord developers. I think that DE will eventually touch that topic and add more functionality to Discord Rich Presence.


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