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[Arbitration] Host migrations... again.


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Has it already happened to you in an arbitration alert ? I mean problems with host migrations have always been part of the game, and honestly I really don't get why everything has to get reset everytime the host decides to leave. Why is it some variables, like powers and buffs for example, cannot be stored before the migration takes place ?

For those interested, here's what happened : I was playing Loki in a tight room with enemies around me. I was invisible, but the host left and my invisibility got cancelled, as powers always do during migrations for some reason. When the game resumed, I was greeted with the "LEAVE THE MISSION" button as the first image I got to see. There was no time for me to react by turning invisible again for example, even though the game is running on my SSD. Luckily, I "only" lost 10 minutes or so, but I can see the problem for people who would like to spend a little longer on endless missions. Could that issue - host migrations - be addressed ?

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