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[NA][PC] Winter is Recruiting


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Welcome to Winter, Civilian!

Our Warframe community is currently a storm clan with not much needed left in terms of community contributions. We have all of the clan weapons finished aside from the Ignis Wraith (which we were not around to obtain). We run weekly events to try and keep our community engaged and tackle the end-game content that Warframe provides. As well we have an active Discord with helpful veterans who are always around to help out with questions. We have a 14-day inactivity policy for all members who have less than 3 months active with the clan and we also have a very intuitive way of ranking where the only metrics are time spent with the clan and activity through talking in our Discord or joining up for our events. 

If you are looking for a community that will listen and react to your feedback as well as help you attain your goals in any game you wish to play then Winter is the community for you.

Winter is a community-focused gaming community where we strive to have members from all walks of life join our family and interact with us on a regular basis with all online games you may decide to play. Before joining Winter it is paramount to create a mutual understanding of who / what we are, and that your goals in a community align with our own. Although we are very lenient with whom we allow into our community there is no guarantee that your time here will be permanent. Please continue reading to make sure that Winter will be a good fit for you.




    Winter is a mature community, some discussions had may not be always appropriate for people of a younger age. For that we have a minimum age requirement of 16 years or older.

We value loyalty and consistency. We do not allow our members to be part of multiple organizations or clans. You are either one of us, or you are not. Clan hopping is not tolerated.

    Communication is an important part of any trusted relationship. It is imperative that you own and use a microphone for social and gaming purposes.

    We use discord as our primary chat client for event planning, discussion, and communication in general. It is required for all members to be present in our community discord server.

    Winter is a family of people from all stages in their lives, and because of that we understand that sometimes people just want to take a break from gaming. We will never expel members for being inactive, however based on your time and rank in the clan you may be removed from the roster on our website / in-game. As soon as you express interest in returning your rank in-game and in our Discord will be returned.

    Toxicity is not permitted. Hate or derogatory speech including attacks on ones gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation is not tolerated. Conversations regarding politics, religion, drugs, or personal finance are highly discouraged. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules about conduct may result in a ban. 

    Friendly banter and well-intentioned ribbing within the community guidelines is, however, permitted.

We allow individual streaming and content creation under our brand guidelines and individuals may also stream on behalf of Winter. That being said, we do not exist to promote individual agendas. Unsolicited promotion of products, streams, materials or content that run contrary to community values or direction are not acceptable and will be removed.
Please speak with a Legate or Officer for more Information.

    You must own one or more of the following: PC, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Switch. Additional platforms such as XBOX may be added with enough community support.



If you’ve made it this far than congratulations! TL;DR - Don’t be a d!ck. Winter is constantly striving to improve our user experience and trying to be as accessible as possible for everyone who wants to join. If you are interested in joining our community our inivite link is https://discord.gg/4P7kC6C, or reach out to zechfate#3035 on Discord for any questions or concerns.

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