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Exalted weapon and Arbitration alert


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First of all, thanks for the update of the new game mode which I enjoy a lot. 

However, the drones are somehow extremely annoying when you are playing a frame with exalted weapons, as they are completely immune to abilities including exalted weapons. Well I know it's not a problem for mesa, and I can still somehow bear with Excalibur. But it turns to discourage me from playing Valkyr at all, and force me to stay away from using primal fury of my wukong, because keeping resetting my combo counters is not fun, and I need every bit of my energy to be used properly, and it takes time to activate/deactivate these abilities.

I know this game mode is still very playable. But please consider allowing exalted weapons to damage the drones (well maybe not necessarily including peacemaker), so that there could be more diversity and fun in this game mode.

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It's incredibly aggravating to try and play Titania in arbitrations. Or any frame with an exalted weapon for that matter.

To me, it feels like a huge oversight to not allow exalted weapons damage the drones. The constant swapping back and forth between exalted weapon and Arca Plasmor (Because let's face it, that's the meta for drones) is not only annoying and breaks the flow of gameplay, but it discourages people from playing frames with exalted weapons.

Sadly, I don't see this getting changed. Fortuna is next and arbitrations will be left to rot. Sometimes I really hate DE's "out of patch, out of mind" patch cycle.

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