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Warframe crashing.....after update


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Ever after since the chimera update i have been facing the issue of warframe crashing again and again

1] this has never happened before

2]my system meets all the required specifications and i have been playing this game for past 2-3 years even though not regularly but occasionally

3]it just crashes when i try to run bounties in cetus

4]every thing else is smooth running and bravo for the update

5] i am able to do free run in cetus but cannot do any bounties 

6] whenever i try to enter cetus for a bounty, after i go to door and wait there....boom crash crash crash

7] please fix this ASAP or instruct me for any viable settings or changes i should do


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I have been having the same problem and I seem to have fix mine for now.
In the warframe launcher, click the cog at the top right. "I was going to Verify then optimize or reinstall the game" I noticed the 64-bit mode was not clicked.
Click the 64-bit mode and start the game I went in to Cetus to the gate and it did not crash, I also did a bounty and it works fine now for me.
Hope this helps.

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