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Amphis energy glow is gone?


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In the newest update, the amphis' energy glow was turned off. The post says "Lowered the brightness of Amphis' Energy lighting" but they straight up turned it off.

I'm gonna come off as petty, as whiny, and probably even annoying just asking, but is there any chance this can be changed back? Or even have an option to "turn on and off" for players, like how it is for Weapon Elemental FX?

As stupid as it sounds (And it most likely does) I've had this weapon for YEARS for the soul purpose of making my Warframe's fashion shine brightly. I never cared for melee combat, but the amphis I held close because it's quick for healing me, for making my parkour faster, and above all else: making my fashion even more glorious! I made side by side comparisons of how much this amphis change has really dulled for me in these images:



I know my fashion isn't the....best thing in existence, but that glow from the amphis really enhanced my fashion greatly! I hope to have this back, if not...well that's understandable I guess.


Least I can do is try! But thanks for reading and hopefully your eyes don't bleed too much from my monstrosities.


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