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Moving my daily login reward time to later in the day



Right, this is gonna sound weird but - i want to move my daily login reward time to later in the day.  Like, if i could move it about 2-3 hours later, effectively delaying all my daily login rewards, that would be great.

Life's like this: I downloaded warframe only about 200 days ago, in the evening, after a long day of work.  The download completed after 8 PM, leaving me enough time to find the game interesting, play for about four or five missions, and then leave it to pick up the next day, because i have real life responsibilities that 

This means, my daily login reward is always collected barely an hour before i need to go to sleep - if i want to wake up and be at work on time the next morning.

So, now, with the daily login rewards, i'm seeing Nine Hour Boosters - and that is really awesome! i love it!  but i see them at eight in the evening, and barely get to make an hour's use of them before i have to go to sleep.

I have, in previous months, not logged in to the game - only to get an immediate login reward when i do come back, and then another one at 8-ish when i usually do, so i can't wrap my rewards that way.

is there a way to push the daily login reward back any number of hours?  Should i file a ticket with DE?  is this the stupidest problem you've heard of this week?

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It isn't tied to when you made your account, but actually to 0:00 UTC.

Though on a side note... I do wish both syndicate/sortie reset timers were matched up with the daily login timer... always seemed strange that they were on two different schedules.

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