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Mod filtering shows random mods for random keywords after switching configs


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When switching mod configs and trying to filter mods by keyword, keywords that shouldn't return any results appear to return a random selection of mods. These appear to be a random selection of mods that aren't in the current config, but are used by one of the other ones. Neither the amount of mods shown nor which ones are shown are constant. Steps to reproduce: open modding menu, apply a single different mod to each config, exit/reopen modding menu, type something into the search field that wouldn't return results normally, swap through configs. The same thing happens for weapon modding.

Example video:

It seems there are some patterns that emerge, but I can't come up with a way to make them consistent. I tried reproducing this on a setup where either only config A has mods (and config B and C are empty) or where all 3 configs only have 1 unique mod and nothing else. In both of these cases, the bug would still appear, but not it would not be random, and it would only show mods from the config that was active when the modding menu was opened. (So, for example, if I have 6 mods on A and 0 mods on B and C, and I have A equipped, filtering by "asdf" would always show nothing for A and all 6 mods for B and C [NEVER showing less than that]. However, if I switch to equip B or C and reopen the modding menu, all 3 mod configs would not show any mods for "asdf".) Obviously, however, this is not the case in the example in the video; at 0:14, I see Duality for config C, which was not in my starting config (config A). Also, again, the number of mods appears to be somewhat random in the video, not even dependent on what the previously viewed config was (you can see starting at 0:33 I go B->C->B->C and get different mods each time in C.)

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