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Elite alerts are a good idea, but the execution is poor.

Less life support in survivals doesn't make the mission harder, it just makes them more annoying. If you're doing them solo, you're almost forced to run nekros and never use your 4 because the spawns are so terrible. Why not increase enemy spawns? Same thing with excavation; we should just have more enemy spawns along with the longer excavation timer. Both survival and excavation rely on enemy spawns, so why does it feel like we have decreased enemy spawns in this game mode???

Defense takes way too long, and we still aren't able to control hostage AI. Not only this, but he's stuck using his terrible akbolto. If he's gonna bring his own weapon, that frees up the action command (pressing x doesn't do anything since you can't take his weapon away). Instead, we can have follow, and hold position.


I like the idea of perma-death, but not in this game because of the bugs. Don't push perma-death if half of the bugs in this game are fixed by dying. How many times have you ran an eidolon hunt and someone gets ability locked? The fix is either jumping out of bounds (in the water) or dying if that doesn't work. That doesn't work in this game mode because dying ends the mission, or at the very least locks you out of rewards. So now you're stuck in a survival with terrible spawns, unable to use any abilities, operator, or certain weapons..... sounds like fun to me.

I understand that the ability locking glitches will never get fixed, so how about we allow other players to revive you? And how about we increase survival and excavation spawns to make the missions actually challenging? The power carrier spawns don't even have to get fixed, just doubling spawns should be enough.

Again, I love the idea of perma-death and harder missions overall. The missions are just ruined by bugs that have existed for years (which ruins a lot of the game by the way) and watered down spawns. It really seems like these elite alerts aren't really meant to be a challenge, and are aimed toward everyone instead of the more competitive side of the community who want a challenge, which is what really kills it for me.


Yeah, a bit of a salty post, so here's Peter Parker operator (which can't be recreated with this level of accuracy anymore because there are too many uncolorable areas in operator clothes since this last patch).

Also whoops this is in art and animation bc I'm an idiot and can't read where I was last 😕


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