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The new slam attack sound effects makes certain weapons feel wrong.


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The new sound effect that kicks in when you ground slam a weapon is a quick swish of a blade slicing the air followed by a strong noise of a metal being stabbed into the surface. While this perfectly fits when used on one handed swords or other relatively quick and moderately lengthed blades, it feels weird and wrong on some other types of smaller, heavier, nimble, or blunt weapons. 

Let's take Jat Kittag or Arca Titron for an example. These two are the heavy, handsomely big hammers. You don't expect them to make a sound of piercing through the air when swinging them. Swinging a most simple blunt tool such as a bat will tell you blunt tools go WHOOSH. Not FLING. And they most certainly will not make a stabbing noise when slammed into the floor.

Same goes with heavy blades. Sure, they are swords and will make a similar slicing noise. But it's bigger and slower. It's ought to make a low-pitched version of the same sound.


Maybe melee 3.0 will bring in the full changes and add in more sound effects for individual types of weapons?

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Most charge attacks sounds are out of sync and are too similar on various weapons.

I like Serro and Heliocor changes as they stand out but most melee sound too samy. 

We need more variation and polishing on melee sounds, currently it's mostly: "whoosh, cling, whoosh" also slams are way too loud.

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