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Calling All Asia & Malaysia Tenno!!! We have clan here


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The Profit Crusade has just been founded!

Im helping my clan leader we need an active member

Goals: Commitment into making good use of time, perfecting earning platinum efficiently via beneficial activities like endless fissures, relic radshares, bounty relic farm (for the time being), kuva siphon/flood speed runs, in a small group of like-minded players

This is not a causal clan, nor is it hardcore. Member are expected to exchange ideas open-mindedly, you must be a good listener.

Vision: To be fully independent from the chaotic casual players in farms

We feed on the incompetency of our competitors. Take initiative and join us here for a spike in profit, just for us.

Players with any experiences are welcomed as long as you share this vision

At the moment, there are 3 members (including me). If you're not in Asia/Oceania region, you'll probably not see me in-game ever. Thus I strongly discourage you from joining if thats the case.

I just started researching weapons a week ago so there isn't much. Resource won't be an issue later on cuz its a ghost clan only, and I got plenty of resources

Our (My) game-play focus heavily on plat-earning. The methods are quite different from public opinions, I do have a list of strategies in the discord server.

Discord server with full page of strategies available.

Leave IGN below, and a brief description of yourself

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