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Time to upgrade/renew my Valkyr Prime



Hi everyone
i'm planning on using some platinum to buy an affinity booster and update some of my older warframe. Let's talk about my Valkyr

I used my Valkyr Prime for the second part of star chart, then i abandoned to try different frame. I started using her again  for fast exterminate and for melee only sortie and sometime i use her to have some fun (and destroying my "E" key 😄). I did a build focused on Eternal War mod, so basically i cast warcry and go for melee attack. I also have un-formed valkyr talon because i go hysteria only when i'm almost dying, then coming back to slashing everything i could. I use a Galatine Prime built on crit with blood rush (probably i'll change to the new Paracesis blade after i built, leveled and forma-ed that :) )
After sacrifice, i substitued the Steel and Vitality for umbral ones and at the moment that's the actual build

so now, the build is working fine but dunno if there are something to improve, mostly on surviving higher level mobs (useful for the brand new arbitration missions) or to get more energy (at the moment if i did wrongly use her on Energy Reduction sortie, i cant cast warcry 'cause of efficiency reduction 😞 ). So... how did you will improve her?
And what about some different build? did someone use her for something else than just warcry and spamming E key?

thank you for your advices :)


ps: that's her talons build...

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