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New PoE event suggestion - Sentient eclipse


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a whole weekend of hunting Eidolons. as nice as that would be I'm not sure DE would go for it on account of how many arcanes would be handed out in that time. would be a good chance to see what fighting lots of sentients at once is like, a practice round before we go to Tau, if you will.

inb4 this happens and "OMG Sentients are so OP in large numbers".

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Maybe you should put that in fan concept category to get a better chance that DE will see that ? (im totaly for)

By the way.. Did DE really looking less the general discussion than feedback and fanconcept category?


I want an hard event with horde of Conculyst and Batalyst everywhere and multiple eidolons in same time (yea i want to solo all them to test my limit.. Solo triodolist starting to feel boring (and bring back raids and i will be completed)

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