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New Gear Wheel Messes Up Your Keybinds!


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So, this new gear wheel was meant to make things easier? 
But, if you run out of something, like energy pizzas, ALL gear items, will jump down one place, to fill in the gap of the now run out item. this is constantly ruining keybinds for ALL gear items and making you re-place everything (not possible if you run out during a mission, you'll have to manually use gear items).. it feels like a waste of time. and the only way this wont happen is if you never run out of things... Please DE switch back to how the old gear wheel worked, and just make a,b,c configs for it 😞 also, having to open gear tab, then click another button to open emotes? why? to streamline the look of things? its just a big bulky wheel now, and makes things slower, unless your a keybinding fanatic. 

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I certainly wouldn't mind the option to have empty gear slots,
let us add new / delete old ones instead of requiring each slot to be filled.

And not least now that Appearance configs (finally, thanks DE) have a drag & drop function,
that should be added to more stuff, including items in gear slots.

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Personally I dislike totally the new gear.

1st - It's a freakin huge UI that blocks your view of what is happening ingame. (i'm still asking my self why a GEAR that fill up your screen, I'm not blind!!!). 

2nd - has an annoying bug. Can't select the symaris scanner. I have to repeat 10 TIMES to make it work. Despite my post point to this bug got 100% ignored.

3rd - Why TAB key to switch to emotes. It's like make it from simple to a complex way to access the gear and functions.

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