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Nekros not working correctly?


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Hey guys.

Is it just me or is Nekros' Desecrate not working "correctly" anymore? 

I've just played a Round Survival Elite Alert with Nekros Desecrate Build + Atterax for the Slash. Usally, im ALWAYS at 90%+ if not even at 99% Life Support consistently.

But after some Survival plays, I've been noticing these Issues... Is it a Bug? Or am I the only one? I dont know, nothing says about nerfing Desecrate in any Changelogs.

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DE doesn't want ultra cheese tactics with these alerts. That means no permanent and effortless room cleaning (because of the drones) and camping a single room in survival being in total safety while having a Nekros to go endlessly. Everyone now has to contribute in a survival and for once, follow the game mode mechanics instead of having 100% life support and all life capsules untouched. I was running an orokin survival earlier, we were at 50 mins and our Nekros dc'd, we were holding fine and I was going for life capsules when we were hitting the 20% marks.

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