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Camera Sensitivity Bug


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Since yesterday, the camera can start turning exageratedly slower than normal at any time, no matter how hard I move my mouse from a side to another, the camera seems to try turning faster but it's like something gets it sruck or makes it tremble and just can't move faster, it almost doesn't turn sometimes! This may happen at any time, either in my orbiter or during the hardest mission (which usually makes me fail) and has no fix duration (it may last a few seconds or an enitre minute). It had never happened to me before with this nor any other game and I did not change anything on my system or stuff, and as soon as I change window or enter the game main menu (Esc) the cursor shows and moves normally, if I go back to my warframe control in game next second, the camera continues to fail like this untill it decides to stop happening. So it seems to be a game bug. PLEASE fix this asap cuz it's making me fail a lot of missions and I got a lot of farm to do so plz!!! 😧

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