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What are kuva jesters?

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Kuva jesters are probably the weridest enemy unit in the grineer faction and the smallest. What are they and what role do they serve for the grineer. 

They're one of the smallest units in the game with them going up to your knee in game,  so are they grineer children? It's the simplest way to explain their size aside being dwarfs.

They're always with kuva guards on siphon missions riding their shoulders. But why are there? Cause of there small size they really can't be thought of as support for the guards and they really can only attack by climbing on you and make squeaking noises as they punch you.

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Grineer come in many varieties after centuries of cloning degradation.

Jesters probably do what jesters, clowns and village fools in our history have been doing. Entertaining, joking, staging mock fights, being laughed at, spying, acting silly, trying to stay alive, serving as a reminder that no matter how bad you have it, someone else has it worse? Grenade juggling is probably a blast in a court.

Why they ride on Guardians shoulders? They can represent how harmless, annoying and strangely adorable Worm is compared to her sister. I am sure Elder would love to rub that fact in Worm face. That Guardians represent how dangerous, bloated and easily defeated Elder was is probably a not intended coincidence ;).

Also, Squeaky Jester Pet Toy then? My plat is ready.

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