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[Bug Report] Hunt Tridolon Bug


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I'm a 5.5 x 3 player with my friend and teammate who is already doing some 6x3.

There are a few bugs after this update:

1/ Unairu wisp is not spawned while the boss still in the water, this is unfair for us. Why?

The veteran player comes faster to spawn wisp for all the teammate can pick up. We place the shield and wisp together to down the shield. However, after this update, this is impossible due to the shorter the range of UW, and now the wisp spawn under the water..... => 5x3 player now = 4x3 player.

2/ Lure: It likes a balloon now, after we pull it to the shrine and gate, now the lure fly up into the air automatically. This one probably the bug.

3/ Vom spawns: The voms now spawn too slow after 1 - 2m after the game start and we already have Enemy Radar to track voms. After getting 1st lure really fast now it damn slow bc we cannot do anything for voms to spawn.

4/ Usually we charge up VS and 1 VS per shield for 3 pp, now, we don't have enough VS charge and the game is really extended due to wisp cannot spawn in the first shield when he still under the water. 

All of my friend whoever doing 5x3 now get upset and not many plays tridolon this day after this update comes out. I hope you can fix it soon or reverse back the update of tridolon because this creates so many bugs. As a veteran, I can do 1-2 hours solo survival NEW ELITE, the only tridolon is something fun to play left. I don't know what else to do so please fix it and please don't treat endgame player or veteran hunting like this we still wait for your response and we are your player please don't IGNORE US.



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