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Melee Sound Adjustments Feedback - Rapiers


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Devs, thank-you for your impeccable sound design. It's been a long-running excellent feature of Warframe that its sounds have been excellent and only getting better, with more recent designs being absolute perfection. I never get tired of Gara's glass-bending shwings and the roar of the Corinth. Wonderful stuff.

This trend continues in the latest update to melee sounds. I'm enjoying the added feeling of weight to melee weapons and the sounds they make when interacting with the environment. There's just one small thing I've found so far that doesn't feel quite right to me, and that's in the Rapier class of weapons. In this update, a distinct "thunk" sound with lots of bass has been added to every hit, which really alters the exacting feeling this class of precision weapons has. As I combo in on an enemy, the sounds of ringing metal are lovely, but they're getting upstaged by a dull "thunk, thunk, thunk" with each hit. Now I'm no expert, and I'm sure that pointy weapons would make some measure of "thunk" sound in the real world, but I'd really appreciate it if the bass sounds on rapier hits could be toned down just a bit and keep this weapon class feeling light and nimble.

Thanks for your time,


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