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Random Squad Lag Spikes and various complaints.


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Hello, people.

It has recently come into my notice that warframe is a bit buggy since the recent patches. Here are the few bugs and nuisances that came into my games recently :

1. Lag spikes. How many times I should say this. After not two, but 5 patches, I thought this'll be addressed but no. I had to say that the problem grows very prevalent during the graphically intense game modes like the Eidolon hunt. Normally I wouldn't complain here, but squadmates but the host him/herself has been having this quite a lot just like me. The problem is, the ping would be playable (80-330 ms max), then it would jump to 1.58k and more. The highest was 1.8k ms. I'm tired of people suggesting, "check your internet settings" because I was able to open few websites for my  college assignments, homework and researches.

2. Item/equipment/arsenal gears' image not appearing. This has been happening to me lately where arsenal, or other contents, in which it has images on it (for example when I wanted to exchange my Sentient cores for standing as shown below with the attached link). I have no idea what causes this.

Next last but not least 2 problems are Eidolon-hunting related.
3. Vomvalyst spawns are STILL bad. But has been tolerable these days.

4. How many times I have to say this, but ABILITY IN USE bug is ridiculously still existing and it's very annoying. One time you can jump into a deep body of water to dispel the bug but in the other, you just can't.

5. There's something troublesome about the spawn rates of the Unairu Wisps, particularly in elevated positions. Most of the time it won't spawn at all, and will hinder the hunt by lots of minutes when it happens.
UPDATE : The problem is on the range of Unairu-mained operator's Void Blast. Aside of the range had become shortened, they also have half or less than 100% of appearing, the Unairu wisps. This seemed to have been fixed.

6. Inline private messages do not work after previous patch -- private messages still appear in a current active tab and will not appear in their own tab like usual. This is a great feature, so I would like to see its' return.

7. UI bug, where active boosters will be present in the UI -- as stated in this image here https://imgur.com/a/H9AAgJa

These are the problems I'm going to address here. I hope it receives fix sooner or later. I will update with more problems (if found, and hope there're no more)

Thank you.

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Modifying some things.
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