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PoE Bounty selection acting weird


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I'm experiencing some glitches when doing PoE bounties with 100% frequency.

How to reproduce:

  1. Complete successfully any bounty and leave squad
  2. Go to Konzu and pick next any Bounty, alone, public match making (I'm normally doing the 50-60 level ones)
  3. The normal countdown from 5s doesn't start, but instead the 10s voting countdown start, like if we were in a squad
  4. The 10s countdown ends, at this point the bounty
  • might start
  • might get cancelled
  • might gets you in another bounty we didn't selected from Konzu

Work around:

Cancel the 10s voting count down before entering the Plains, abandon the Bounty and go to Konzu again to re-take the same bounty, this time the 5s countdown will start as it should


    the matchmaking will sometimes place me in a Bounty I didn't select, this is more evident at night when selecting Eidolons Bounties because we get contacted by the Lotus telling us where to head for the 1st stage of the Bounty.

Connecting with PC (not laptop) from a NATted IP address (yet UPnP is all nominal after analyzing network), Win 10 1709 because 1803 fails to apply since ages and I'm just waiting for the next milestone update instead.



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