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Cinematic Mission Start bug (Double Whammy bug)


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Bug #1:

So at the start of a mission when the cinematic of your Orbiter approaching a planet plays, you can get a really annoying bug that prevents you from skipping the cinematic and having to wait a good 10 seconds before playing (this happens a lot at the start of a mission). This isn't a game breaking bug or anything like that, just extremely annoying when it happens.

Bug #2

Little did I know that this wasn't its final form, and today I experienced a moment where the bug DID break my game. After spamming the "Skip Cinematic" popup button (and it not working), my screen became nothing but a frozen screen of my frame floating overhead with only his feet sticking out of the top screen, aaaand nothing else. I couldn't move, use abilities, I couldn't even bring up the menu to leave the mission. Had to close it through window mode and relog.


(Yikes, I sure took my time with this lol. Sorry, got distracted by the Mainline update and whatnot)


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Oh, and I find Bug #1, while not a game breaker, still very serious. I've had missions where I've never been able to catch up to those who went on ahead  (short missions like Capture) and finished because of that delay, and are already on to extraction. Of course I still get the rewards, but you know, I actually like playing the game, and this pretty much negates that when it happens.

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