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Why isn't the pyrus project a permanent thing?


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Just now, sp4rtan148 said:


Where did they say the rewards would return?

All event-exclusive weapons have been somehow reissued, isn't it? Even the Braton Vandal. Except very recent rewards, obviously.

So, sorry, you missed the event (which was an event like any other event). It won't come back. The Zylok, which is probably the only thing that matters to you, will probably at some point come back.

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10 minutes ago, sp4rtan148 said:

I wasn't able to play the game at the time so I wasn't able to do the event, but why is it an event? Why isn't it an option all the time? Will the event or its rewards be coming back at any point? This is kinda dumb

sorry you missed the event, but you will get the rewards back eventually.

right now i am already getting annoyed at the event (i already finished it).

firstly because fighting the g3 without any reward is pretty annoying.

secondly because of those minions with pyrus essence, which has an increased amount of life and are more tough. they can ruin an entire mission when you are using low level weapons or doing something that has to do with stealth. (i got 2 mission failed on spy missions after they appeared on an unusual spot.)

cant wait for them to leave already.

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The whole purpose of the event is rebuilding relays. There are more relays to be rebuilt, so I'd assume the event and its rewards will return in the future.

When? Maybe not even DE knows.

Also, lately, DE has re-released all the items from other events/previous years, except for Founder stuff, obviously. So, I don't think you'll be missing on the mastery points from the Zylok forever.

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events are limited time to give people more incentive to play and drive up player count. Pyrus Project was sorely needed due to the lack of other content we've had due to the devs working on Fortuna, and they usually kick off an event during these dry spells. the rewards themselves will likely return at some point, we just don't know when.


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17 minutes ago, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

events are limited time to give people more incentive to play and drive up player count.



WF is a F2P game, something which comes with ugly truths. That fact drives a LOT of gameplay, reward and balance decisions, and it isn't always pretty. While WF does try to find a balance between being profitable and preying on and manipulating players psychology in a exploitive or morally unsound way, it would definitely be a much better game in reality if it never needed to make any more money.

Dangling limited time events is one of the least concerning aspects here, and DE is very good at giving players another shot at getting event loot again in the future. It gets easier missing events after the first time, and even easier once you finally get that missed loot when it comes back up. Just dont worry about it and try not to be so OCD

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It would be cool to have the enemies popping up to keep us getting materials for the other destroyed relays.

Then have it that another Syndicate wants to have a different relay (non Ember....Hydroid or Nova) and we have to decide which parts to make as each will go towards a differing version. The one with the most contributed get built. 

Once all relays are built again, we get to build Railway hangers for Railgun ships. This way, we can keep chasing the enemies and using the resource to build. Then we can build planetary defense for Railgun protection of planets we liberate and so on and forth....

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