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kuva mission (not taviuni) abilities not applied: mesa's 4 does not fire upon vulnerable kava guards


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Kuva flood: smack kuva guards with tenno melee. Their health bar goes from grayed to yellow (i.e. they are registered as vulnerable). They have guns equipped -- another cue. 

Mesa's 4 does not fire upon them as though they are invulnerable. Normal guns damage them. Mesa's 4 targets all other enemy types.

Similarly guardians made vulnerable in cataclysm while stasis is active are not effected by stasis.

Ash or Loki will be tracked by some enemies and fired up (Nox) while cloaked, moving and not attacking said enemies.

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Considering Mesa's 4 works sometimes, I'm inclined to say bug (solo/multiplayer) doesn't matter.

Nezha's spears will pin the guards, so I have to wonder at any logic of nerfing stasis. 

That Ash or Loki are being tracked (aka followed) and attacked while cloaked and simply kiting around is a bit more of a problem.


Overall the missions are dead easy anyway. Park frame some place obvious and leave as a tar baby, camp as tenno going invisible or darting to evade every once in a while mostly out of sight, take kuva clouds, finish mission. Don't need to bother with any enemy.

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