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[Suggestion] A new Quest


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So with all the mess we had in the operator 'update' a few days ago, I was desperately longing for a place where the grass is much greener. And it so happens that I found it in Google images. I just saw a work by someone named Stan K and immediately thought of a brand new series of quests!

The main story would be about the operator (again?) and at the end of a series of quests (maybe 4-5), the operator matures!!! This would open the gate to a whole new array of cosmetics. New Hairstyles, suits, animation and perhaps a power up of sorts - could be as simple as boosting HP/DEF.


Here's the picture I saw:

https://imgur.com/6pwu7Zr.png [/img]


P.S Coming up next, a new spacecraft mission! To be continued...

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