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Mesa Shatter Shield not working [Fixed]


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Update 2: It's been fixed! Thank you DE for the fast response!

Was on Plains of Eidolon solo'ing some bounties, decided to hop into my archwing to travel between objectives faster, and afterwards the Shatter Shield (3 ability) was not usable. 
On the action bar it's greyed out and says "Ability still in use".

After finishing the bounty I decided to hop into free roam just to see if the bug was replicable, or a one-off incident but the same thing happened after deploying the archwing.

Can anyone else repliciate this bug or is it just on my end? Thank you.

Seems to not be working at all in PoE after first use.
Left Cetus, rejoined to see if it fixes the bug and won't work even without using archwing.

Update: Restarted the whole game, hopped in a regular mission and Shatter Shield is still broken. So it wasn't even PoE or Archwing, the ability won't work in general.

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I went into the orokin derelict to do the weekly ayatan sculpture mission.  I used Mesa's Shatter Shield and after the animation finished, it was grey, as if I didn't unlock it.  The duration wasn't there and even after the amount of time it was supposed to last, the effect ended and I could recast it until I feel into a reset zone (fell off a cliff). 


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same here, going 15 rounds on sedna defense mission, cant go further than 15 rounds cause i have no damage reduction on my super fragile frame, so im just a chilling on the floor constantly, while team mates are getting down trying to revive me.

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So after today's Hotfix (23.10.3), Mesa's shatter shield appears to no longer be working. I have tested it out a bit myself, and a few weird things have occurred.

1. The ability activates, but there is no countdown to the end of the ability.

2. Once it is activated for the first time in the mission, it cannot be activated again unless you jump into a pit and are re-spawned.

3. The ability does not actually apply its buff, enemies can still deal their normal damage.

has anyone else experienced this, or is it just me?

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 So, i was using mesa this time and her 3 (shatter shield) simply does not work! Activate the ability, the timer wont show up, the ability don't work, and it becomes impossible to use it again! I don't know if somebody else is having this problem but ill apreciate any sort of ideias on what is going on with her, please help! ❤️

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