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Need EHP Help



    By your terms, what is the near calculation for EHP. If possible, may I have the equation for it, as well Chroma's Vex Armor/Elemental Ward emergence. Ice Chroma Elemental Ward tends to have a "ricochet affect" on enemy projectiles, which even adds more armor for more EHP. I am currently studying Geometry with a low B, but I am getting quite annoyed by various speculations from player to player when I can use the formula's given to me on the Wiki, Although I cannot simplify all of them. That is why I need you to give me what you know, with sources for further accuracy.

    Thank you all in advance.

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Well, for EHP.
First you need to factor armor's damage reduction on your health.

Damage reduction % = [armor / (armor+300)] * 100

Now if you have to say 300 armor, you will get 50% damage reduction, on a frame with 300 shield and 300 health you get 750 eHP.

Now in order to get the value to multiply your health you need to use the following formula:

eHP = health / (1 - damage reduction).

If a frame have also another forms of mitigation, you have to take them into consideration too, and consider also special examples like nova's 1 that ONLY mitigate damage to health when youre about to factor that.


Basically that is the mathematical data you are looking for. In case you need something else try to hit me ingame with a quick PM (/w userName message) and ill be glad to help you 🙂

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Just now, Acculiterary said:

What is DR? Also, may I have sources if it is applicable. Apologies, I am a paranoid, blandly-basic person.

Damage reduction.

Although I was slightly wrong, in that total DR would include ability DR which also applies to shield.

So to correct myself, it's (Shield*(100/(100-Ability DR))+(Health*(100/100-Overall DR))

So, take a base Mesa for example, with 65 armour amounting to 18%DR and an 80% ability based DR, with an overall Health DR therefore being... I believe 83.6% DR?

Shields would be (225*(100/100-80)) which is essentially 225*5 which = 1125.

Health would be (375*(100/100-83.6)) which is ~ 375*6.1 which =  ~2287.

Add them together and you get ~3412 ehp.

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