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AI spawns in almost all missions (mainly exterminate), are completely messed up. We made it to extraction without seeing almost any enemies, and then enemies started spawning little by little. Ex. I was doing an exterminate fissure on Earth which required us to get 40 kills. We ended only killing 9 enemies and it the way point showed us to go to extraction. 

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I just missed an invasion because the exterminate was missing a whopping 100 enimies by the time I made my way to the extraction point. Twice in a row.  Wasted 20 mintues in both missions waiting for enemies to spawn, and by that time the invasion alert was over.  (and when they did, it was as little as 3, and the extermiate counter would go to somthing like 170 required, to 180 required)


Boggles my mind they haven't fixed spawn issues year after year.

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