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Feedback/ideas from a veteran


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Where to begin...well, came here inspired by this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66pw3ThyiwM

I know that most won't read this whole thing before clinging on to some small thing in my text and making it their crusade, nor will you watch that video nor read some of the comments of other Warframe youtubers...but I hope that at least someone from DE will read this. And that is why I am writing this.

Played more or less since the beginning. As Rio said in the video: "Most of the vets just walk around their ship.". I have been thinking what has kept me in the game for the past 10 or so months due to not much content. And if I deduct one thing from this all, I would have only probably bothered to log in to try the new stuff for a few days before just logging in and out for the daily tribute rewards and progress...and that is friends. Some friends started playing the game roughly 6 months ago. I have been helping them so that gave me a purpose so to speak. You don't think about it much when you're playing with friends...it's always fun. Even if it's that mission you've done a 100 times. The video made me think...about Rebecca (and probably a lot of others from DE) asking for feedback. It also made me think of an old forgotten idea I had for Warframe, which I will now present here. Probably someone else has already did so in the past and it has been forgotten by DE as well due to having so many irons hot so to speak. Could be a long post so bare with me:

How to make Warframe cater to more players and embrace the true potential of PvP:

Warframe is one of those games that I personally feel bored to watch on twitch. It's so much more fun to play it yourself. I don't know why...but some games I am just fine watching. Exceptions are the cinematic story parts, those I like to watch on a stream. Back in the day, what...4 years ago or so...there were solar rail conflicts. Clan/Alliance vs Clan/Alliance, fighting over the control of a planet and the victor had the power to get resources and credits as a tax from all players who played there, and in return the players would get increased XP and resource drops. Naturally political scheming took over on the forums and it led to conflicts in the community and it was scrapped. It was the right choice. However...I do remember the maps. In a lot of the maps, you had your respawn point/base. There was a turret on a balcony with flight of stairs leading down on each side to a little open area. There was a door at the other end, leading directly into outer space. You realized you were fighting in some form of a ship (at least how I remember it). Outside, you could see some asteroids, planets etc. and whether you tried to defend or attack, you had one goal: To kill more enemy players up to a point before the enemy team.

My first ever game I played on the internet was Quake Team Fortress, yes the old one. Imagine that potential to be put into Warframe. DE could use the lessons from current conclave and adjust them. Imagine for example 5v5 matches in different tilesets, manually controllable turrets, perhaps even new restricted skills/weapons to be used for a certain warframe/class. The other team tries to defend a core for example while the other tries to hack into it and cause an overload. A whole new game mode which would widen the spectrum of players that Warframe attracts. Naturally this would take time to fine tune skills and power balance and so forth...but it would be interesting to watch and even alliances/clans themselves could hold their own tournaments. And DE itself could also hold an annual tournament with some exclusive prizes for the winners for example. I would watch that. These days I'm not really into PvP games too much, but this I would definitely give a real run for. And there are so many other things they could add to the maps, certain conditions, like if the other team manages to do something enough, they would get a special syndicate/other faction assault team to help with the assault.

That's the bare bones idea for a PvP-mode I would be interested in myself...some objective in it aside from "who gets most kills and survives best" (arena). On to the feedback:

I would like to, and probably many others, that you could extract out of survival game modes whenever you wish to. As in: You go to extraction and it would only extract you, not the whole team. Leave when you wish to and let others continue. Defense has this, interception has this as well. Perhaps add a small HUD indicator somewhere to inform others that "this person is extracting" and show the remaining amount of time.

As for the amount of content...well, I really did like the Sacrifice. But was disappointed about how you handled Khora's release. And disappointed at the % odds of actually gaining her parts. I'm alright with 6-7% chances in some cases but anything underneath...sounds too pushy towards the plat shop. Gotta admit though, I got lucky with Khora and got her in about 2 weeks or under. Yet for some reason, it took almost 50 runs to get Atlas systems for my friend...like...what? Rio did talk about "fixing the RNG" in the video, but I am not sure what to say about that otherwise aside from what I feel is comfortable. I mean some mods literally have under 0.5% chance (or lower) to drop in the game...yet it does happen. So not sure how to fix the RNG aside from not giving us ridiculously low chances on some new parts.

I understand you need to do "everything at the same time" and the big projects like Fortuna tax your other earlier and smaller goals. I just hope that you won't think that you have to have a bigger and bigger surprise for us each year at Tennocon. A good surprise can still be something smaller. Like "Hey guess what? We have a new faction coming and along with it a whole new lore and cinematic quests for you to enjoy.". That does sound big but nothing Fortuna big I would guess. I do remember some rumors/talk about the clan related "Kingpin" project...no idea what was the idea behind it nor if it's still being worked on...but aside from dojo decorations, yeah, clans could use something. No idea what it is though, but hey, that's what you are getting paid for, right? :) When you truly start to think about what kind of a new thing might be interesting to us players...it's hard to come up with a truly good idea.

As for the "DE creating a new game mode and then abandoning it." -issue...I kinda agree there...and kinda not. Let's take Sanctuary Onslaught for example. Released, hotfixed and then that's it. Don't remember if the droprates were increased or not but...like I said, it's hard to come up with a truly good idea. And now the Arbitrations. Yes, you will keep fixing it, balancing it a bit...but...you have experienced the game mode and what's it like in the first day or so. It is done and over so quickly. Rewards are fine, but the problem I see most in these new game modes is, that they have not been properly thought through. It's like these hm...rushed attempts at something I guess is the best description I could think of. I wonder what a game mode, which you would put as much thought and effort into as to the story and open world areas, would look and feel like. I understand it's easier to start throwing ideas about open world areas than about a new game mode...but you are also way more creative people than...well a lot of us, including me. I personally care more about the fun factor of a game mode than the rewards. The rewards are just a by-product of the fun you're having. :) *insert 5k credits reward joke at high level mission here*

Totally almost forgot: Trade chat. Nothing but rivens this and rivens that these days. At least...at LEAST, please give us a different trade chat tab for the rivens, and then prime parts, mods etc. a different tab. Thank you. :)

I guess that's all I wanted to say. Looking forward to the future. :thumbup:


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