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Melee 'Momentum' missing? Getting interrupted constantly during combos.


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As of 23.10.4 this is still an issue.

This post from another player has good examples of how moves that would normally grant immunity to knockdown/stuns no longer do. 

(I have spoiler tagged the videos to cut down on space taken.)


8 hours ago, Aeron216 said:

Examples of Momentum gone now.
This means certain death now unless you are incredibly tanky. My Saryn here has the Umbra mods plus Arcane Grace with Guardian Rank 3. But thats not really the only problem, making melee focused builds frustrating to play is what is also on the line. 






And on this one notice how at the beginning of the combo you can barely move forward, it feels really bad. Thats why I did those useless first strikes from range first to then use the good one (But still I ended up getting interrupted).
Other Hammer combos are even much worse since they force you to almost standstill. 


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