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Zarr cannon suggestion!


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So for those of you who do not know how the Zarr works.. It is a launcher that shoots bombs that will cluster bomb upon impact.

The cluster bombs will go in the direction of momentum.
i.e if you shoot the floor a couple meters in front of you, the cluster bombs will continue to go forward with that momentum.
Additionally, hitting a wall or enemy with the initial bomb will cause all cluster bombs to bounce back because the obstruction of momentum lead to a change in momentum (according to warframe physics).

Whats the big problem?

The cluster bombs tend to miss all the time. If you direct hit an enemy, guess what? All the additional cluster bombs (which deal a majority of your damage and status) is launched backward so you lose a ton of damage and status.


Make the cluster bombs heatsinking just like the Phantasma's alt fire which explodes into a ton of Oberon's Smite type thingy's and then seek out enemies and then explode. 
I would greatly appreciate something like this to be added to the Zarr. Maybe when adding at make it less seeking range compared to the Phantasma because that thing has like 15m+ radius for target selection.

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Zarr has unique functionality of it's own though.
a simple solution is to not shoot Enemies in the chest but rather to shoot at the nearest surface to them so that the MIRVlets stay near the Target.
sure, it could home towards the target, but that's the way another Weapon works. Zarr works this way, carrying the momentum is even unique to Zarr (Kulstar does not do such things for example, its MIRVlets all fall close to the original Projectiles' end point). so each of these Launchers for the most part works in a unique way. it helps set them apart from one another so that they're different in more than just Stats.

the direct impact is pretty low Damage anyways so i don't think you need to be too concerned :)

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There are indirect firing method by shooting the column/ wall/ ceiling which an enemy is probably obscured from, 
the falling cluster bombs will kill them.

Changing the mechanic of the cluster bomb and make them heat seeking/ tracking might mess with indirect fire as sometime 
we work with the scatter pattern so the side-spreading cluster bombs will take out enemies hiding behind corner as well.

A lot of time I employ MRSI (Multiple-Rounds-Simultaneous-Impact) method of firing by manipulating the elevation 
and changing the trajectory between shots so the interval of impact is shortened and the cluster bomb intensity is increased
to saturation bombing when 4 shots land at very close interval and flood the place with cluster bombs.

Individual shots cluster bomb count is very low, so split chamber is almost a must, 


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