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Good build for octavia



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Depends what you want out of her. 

Duration is must have for any of the builds. 

Efficiency is not really needed due to her passive so staying at 100 is fine

Range depends on how you wanna play, max range for team support  and cc so you cover more area for stationary (defense, excavation) , not necessary for non stationary where you will move around a lot (exterminate, sabotage, etc) you still shouldn't need more than 145 range except for very specfic areas. 

Strength is good as supporting options to buff your team mates to max values 

I usually run something that looks like

200 duration, 

100 efficiency

145 range

200 strength

Ticks all the right boxes and is very versatile in any situation. 

Anything more is up to you. Primed continuity, narrow-minded, stretch and augur reach, umbra intensify and vitality, transient fortitude should work out. Be sure not to max the corrupted mods and only level em till whatever you are comfortable with. 

The augments are... OK but not game changing, double mallet will let you hold 2 choke points in survival or 2 interceptions points if you want to. 

The roller augment is not really that useful unless you have a very specific need to not kill enemies and only cc them in a particular location. 

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