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Ghostly Venkas


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Hello, well, this is a very little detailed i noticed once, but since then i can't unsee it XD

I noticed that is possible to see some kind of shadow or distortion caused by the Venka's blades when they'r retracted, it's very sutil, so i don't know if would be really an issue.

I tryed to take some prints, but is hard to see, however, when moving (on the idle animations, for example) it become a bit more noticeable:

In the arsenal, it's where it can be noticed more easily:NdhXy9q.jpg


I tryed to check on captura, it also can be seen, but very sutile (however, again, becomes more noticeable while moving)uXimRrj.jpg


Also, it seems this effect can be noticed on some trowing secondaries too, like the Hikou and kunais:P2gyIMg.jpg

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