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Ideas for Limbo fixes


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First off, the rework limbo got when the prime came out was less of a rework and more of a band-aid fix and a duration nerf. He deserves a real rework like the one nezha or saryn got or atleast a few fixes.

The banished enemies should be easily identifiable. The current rift affect they have is not easy to see. It should be something similar to how Revenant's ability looks or brighter colours for banished enemies that are independent of energy colours similar to the way enemies look when marked by ash or similar to the aura that arbitration drones give enemies and obliviously a different colour.

Rolling into rift should stay the same to limbo. But there should be a cooldown for squadmates so they don't accidentally keep running into the rift if the limbo keeps rolling. It's easy to get out of the rift but still, there are players complaining about limbos rolling and since limbo is squishy he needs to roll in and out freely for survivability.


1- The hud should show the number of enemies that are in the rift/banished. So it's easy to keep track of banished enemies. Holding the ability button should push out all the enemies that are banished. This could cost double the energy (hold) or depending upon the number of banished enemies. There should be a cooldown on banishing other players when they roll out of it before the duration runs out. If they don't roll out, no cooldown on banishing.

2- The duration should go back to the same amount as before. The issue with stasis was others not being able to use their guns in stasis. That was the only aspect that should have been changed. There was no need to nerf the duration. Several warframes were buffed w/o any nerfs to balance them out eg:umbra&saryn. And this duration also puts Limbo in danger in cataclysm because before if stasis and cataclysm was casted at the same time when the stasis runs out so does the cataclysm. But now stasis runs out early and then enemies that are in the cataclysm can kill limbo easily. This is an issue because he is too squishy. Would not be a problem if he wasn't one shot easily even in the rift.

These are just a few fixes that I think would make limbo better than his current state. I'll be happy as long as he doesn't get anymore nerfs.

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Being able to recast his 1 and un banish those affected similar to Nidus or Nyx is definitely a good idea, and the HUD showing how many are in the rift would be a nice QOL but not really necessary overall.

As for the cooldown on banishing allies that isn't necessary because if someone is repeatedly banishing you then he's trolling and should be reported UNLESS there's a defence target next to you. There are plenty of times when I'm trying to banish the sortie NPC and my $&*&*#(%&ed teammates would stand right next to him and get banished as well, then look at me as if I'm trolling them. Basically what I'm saying is to have a little awareness and you'll be fine.

As for un nerfing the stasis duration I agree, because when you add something like speed drift or natural talent to the mix you can just recast it within a second so it's just a bit of a inconvenience that it's duration isn't equal to cataclysm anymore.

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