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Panthera alt-fire Bugged on ps4


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the panthera's alt-fire isn't consuming ammo properly in any way shape or form on console and its stats seem to be wrong as well when compared to PC the primary fire is correct but the alt-fire's stats aren't for some reason

Console                                          PC

Accuracy: 100                                Accuracy: 100

Critical chance: 25.0%                   Critical chance: 25.0%

Critical damage: 2.0x                     Critical damage: 2.0x

Fire Rate: 1.0                                 Fire Rate: 2.0

Magazine: 60                                 Magazine: 60

Noise: Alarming                             Noise: alarming

Reload: 2.0                                    Reload: 2.0

Riven Disposition: 5/5                    Riven Disposition: 5/5

Status: 35.0%                                Status: 35.0%

Trigger: Held                                 Trigger: Held

Impact: 22.5                                  Impact: 10.0

puncture: 22.5                               puncture: 10.0

Slash: 180.0                                  Slash: 80.0

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